It was fun seeing many KDHL listeners at the Polka Party at the VFW in Kenyon. Driving from Faribault to Kenyon I only saw one tractor with a field cultivator in the fields. I did see a couple anhydrous ammonia tanks on the road so I assumed someone not too far away was applying nitrogen. After the Polka Party I drove out to the farm to see if there was any activity in southern Minnesota.

From Faribault to Hope and New Richland there was no activity in the fields. Heading west of New Richland I began to see tractors in the fields. As I got closer to the farm there were a lot of tractors in the field. Within  a couple miles of the farm I counted 5 corn planters in the fields! We did not get quite as much rain in the last few days in south central Minnesota as we did around Rice and Steele Counties. Plant 2019 is Underway!


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