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A Dairy Queen in Brainerd, MN experienced quite the pay it forward chain last week. It all starts on Thursday, December 3rd and it ended up going for 2 days and 900 cars! Now that's Minnesota Nice. The chain ended on the evening of Saturday, December 5th.

Back in the day, I worked at Caribou Coffee. Every once in a while in the drive-thru we would have people pay it forward, it would last a few cars, and then it would be done. I can't imagine having it go for 2 full days! That's a lot of generosity during a crazy time with the pandemic and also the stress of the holidays. I also can't imagine being those employees because I'd be so nervous I'd mess it up! That I'd miss place money that someone gave me to pay it forward to the next person. I'd be stressed.

Anyway! 900 cars were kind enough to pay it forward in some way at this Brainerd Dairy Queen. In the Bemidji Pioneer's story about this chain, they spoke with the Dairy Queen Area Manager Tina Jensen. Tina said that some people paid for the next person's whole tab, some paid for part of it, it was whatever the person could afford.

Not to be a party pooper but I know you're thinking it, and I'm thinking it too: Can you imagine being that person that broke this 900 car chain? I bet they had no idea, or maybe they couldn't afford to do it and they just were grateful someone had paid for their meal that day! But it's still kind of funny to think about.

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