At Byron Middle School, a bunch of students are working to stop cyber-bullying in our area. The Bye Bye Bully News Team came in and talked on the air about what they're doing, and what parents can do.

Those students are today's Guest Bloggers!

A group of eighth graders at Byron Middle School are working on how to stop cyber-bullying around the community. What they are trying to accomplish is to inform others about how to prevent cyber-bullying.

This group of five’s goal was to get the word out, and by that they published an article in the Post Bulletin, the Byron Review, and were interviewed about the impression of cyber-bullying on Y-105FM.

Many other groups have been working hard to inform others about on the subject of cyber-bullying. Some of the things groups have been working on are simulations, informing younger grades, constructing a 3K, making a website, and creating social media accounts to encourage others to help preventing it. Cyber-bullying could lead to depression, anxiety, or even suicide, and creating awareness could prevent that from happening.


Savannah Collado, Grace Walker, Kole Forsthoffer, Garett Johnson, and Christian Connelly

See their excellent article in today's Rochester PB here.


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