Late Friday afternoon I was checking my emails and one from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture caught my attention. Palmer Amaranth was found and confirmed in another Minnesota County. This discovery was in Douglas County. Remember the Minnesota Department of Agriculture has already confirmed Palmer Amaranth in 3 other Minnesota Counties, Yellow Medicine, Lyon and Todd. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has determined that conservation seed contaminated with Palmer Amaranth was the source of the infestation in all 4 counties.

There are many ways that Palmer Amaranth can spread to a field. It can move with your combine and tillage equipment, wind and water can move the seed. There is some research that indicates migrating water fowl can spread Palmer Amaranth. I am not concerned about Palmer Amaranth spreading to my fields in the corn hybrids and soybean varieties I plant. The quality control standards are very high in the seed production and processing industry. However, I will be very cautious about any cover crop or conservation seed that is planted on my farm.


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