Owatonna Police recently made an arrest of a driver who crashed his car into a snowbank and showed signs of being under the influence as an officer stopped at the site. The incident is report in the latest edition of the e-newsletter Just the Facts, distributed by the Owatonna Police Department (OPD).

The report indicates a "patrol supervisor was traveling on Hoffman Drive near North Street when he observed a vehicle coming at him at a high rate of speed. The sergeant watched the vehicle lose control and begin to fishtail," and ultimately slid into a snowbank.

The officer spoke with the driver and "observed signs of intoxication. The driver performed roadside field sobriety tests, failed and was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving." Twenty-two-year-old Steven Luebben of Kenyon was charged with two counts of 3rd Degree DWI.

In another incident, Owatonna officers arrested 41-year-old Charles Ellis over a protection order violation. In a different incident that began with a moving violation stop, officers arrested 39-year-old Alfredo Garza on outstanding warrants. Additionally, "A search subsequent to the arrest uncovered two pipes and presumptive positive methamphetamine residue" as well as a backpack with drug paraphermalia.

The OPD reports you can now park fines for parking or ordinance violations through an online portal. Read the full Just the Facts newsletter.

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