MINNEAPOLIS – An Owatonna man pleaded guilty Wednesday to possession of an unregistered firearm.

According to court documents, the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office received information that 22-year-old Dayton Sauke was selling narcotics and manufacturing and dealing firearms without a license.

Law enforcement agents monitored Sauke’s Snapchat account where he made numerous posts consistent with manufacturing and dealing firearms without a license. Sauke also posted pictures of a short-barreled shotgun and made several threatening posts about killing law enforcement and politicians.

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On January 15, 2021, two undercover agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) met with Sauke and purchased from him a privately made firearm. During the meeting, Sauke had a short-barreled shotgun with him and showed it to the undercover agents. The short-barreled shotgun was later recovered by law enforcement officials and examined by an ATF expert, who determined it was an operable 12- gauge shotgun with a barrel length of approximately 11 inches and a total overall length of 18 inches.

Federal law requires shotguns with reduced barrels and overall lengths (often referred to as “sawed-off” or “short-barreled” shotguns) to be registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. The shotgun was not registered to Sauke.

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