I have talked with farmers and truck drivers with newer diesel engines that are frustrated with having to use Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF.  Plus there are many other costs maintaining filters, sensors and other equipment for the Tier 4 engines. The Tier 4 diesel engines have strict Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission requirements. If you have a new tractor, truck, or combine with a Tier 4 diesel engine how would you like to be able to legally remove all that pollution control equipment?

When I was at Farmfest I stopped in at the Minnesota Corn Growers Tent and talked with Brandon Fast President of the Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council. Brandon told me about a company called Clear Flame Technology that can convert a new Tier 4 diesel engine to run on E-85 ethanol. Because ethanol burns so much cleaner and produces less carbon dioxide the Tier 4 diesel engine does not need DEF and all the other pollution control equipment.

Yes, it is legal to take all the pollution control sensors, filters and other equipment off the diesel engine! Apparently the only other conversion is different injectors and tips. So, it is not really expensive to convert a Tier 4 diesel engine so it can run on E-85 ethanol. The first question that popped into my mind is what will this do to diesel engine warranties?

There are a couple major engine manufacturers that are involved in Clear Flame Technology, John Deere and Cummins Diesel engines! In addition efficiencies of burning ethanol are similar to diesel fuel. In fact right now Brandon said there are two semi-tractors on the road being tested hauling loads  with Tier 4 Engines that were converted to ethanol.

This is exciting technology that my be available soon! Click on the link and listen to Brandon Fast discuss Clear Flame Technology!

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