An Owatonna man told a homeowner whose door he knocked on last week that he was 'looking for his wife', and then broke into the home. 39-year-old Jason David Curtis of Owatonna was arrested Monday after Owatonna police were called to an incident on the 300 block of East Vine Street.

According to the Owatonna Police Department's weekly newsletter, Just the Facts, Curtis knocked on the front door of the home, while in the company of a small child.  Curtis told the homeowner that he "was looking for his wife" while he was also holding a "short metal stake."

Paul Shea
300 block of East Vine Street - Image Credit - Google Maps


The homeowner who answered the knock on the door only had brief contact with Curtis before closing and locking the door.  It was then that Owatonna Police state that Curtis "broke the door window glass and pushed his way in."

While inside, the homeowner was calling 911, Curtis, grabbed the phone and said he was "looking for his wife". Dispatch noticed it was then that the line disconnected.

After the call to dispatch was disconnected it's alleged that Curtis then "went through the home and was arrested near the front door by responding officers."   The child, a 22-month old according to Just the Fact, was released to the child’s mother.


It's unclear if the mother of the 22-month-old child was the woman Curtis was referring to when he told the homeowner that he was 'looking for his wife.'

Curtis has since been charged with First Degree Burglary, Interference with an Emergency 911 Call, 4th Degree Damage to Property, and 5th Degree Assault.

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