Owatonna Foundation has plenty of reason for cheer this holiday season. In a pair of press releases, the philanthropic organization thanks Climate by Design (CDI) and Viracon, both of Owatonna, for big donations. The Owatonna Foundation supports "brick and mortar" projects that focus on community, arts, recreation and education.

Climate by Design presented Owatonna Foundation with a $10,000 donation and a tour of their facilities. The release states, CDI, "designs and manufactures desiccant dehumidifiers and critical process air handlers for a wide array of applications including ice arenas, hospital surgical suites, and food processing facilities."

Climate by Design
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"I am so impressed with how well they treat their staff," proclaimed Angela Gonzalez, Executive Coordinator for the Owatonna Foundation, "When you walk in to production areas, Tom and Sue greet everyone with a smile and wave and they know their employees on a first name basis." CDI has about 150 employees and has about 20 open positions.

Viracon, Owatonna Foundation
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The foundation accepted a $5,000 donation from Viracon. Gonzalez said, "I was truly amazed at the incredible buildings around the world that Viracon has been a part of building. When you walk into their reception area and see the beautiful buildings that have been created using glass from a company right here in Owatonna, MN, it is try breathtaking."

"With their success and how busy they are with new projects; they still take time to give back to the community of Owatonna and we are so thankful for their continued support," she added.

Owatonna Foundation is in its 63rd year of serving Owatonna through donations and scholarships. It was established in 1957.

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