Duane at Jonas Farm Seeds in Goodhue and Kussmaul Seeds will be hosting an Organic Seed Meeting on Friday, December 14, 2018 at the Goodhue Community Center, or Lions Building. The Organic Seed meeting will begin with a meal that will be served at 12:30. The guest speaker will be Doran Holm from Organic Valley. Early Order and Early Pay discounts will be available. There is no charge but please RSVP to Duane by calling 651-764-4883.

It seems every year there is more interest in farmers converting some or all of their cropland to organic production. Especially when we see low conventional commodity prices. There is a three year transition to convert a field or farm to certified organic production. From the interviews I have done with organic farmers and specialists there is a "learning curve" on controlling weeds and insects. Plus it does take much more time and management. That is why I have seen farmers begin to convert to organic production with just one field or farm until they learn the system.

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