I recently saw a news release from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources concerning the appointment of people to committees.  Thirteen Minnesotans were appointed to Game and Fish Oversight Committees.

There is a Wildlife Oversight Committee and Fisheries Oversight Committee and no people from southern Minnesota were named to these committees.  In my opinion Farmington is in the south metro area.  Dakota County is a metro area county.

We have 39 lakes in Rice County according to the Minnesota DNR website.  Rice County is also blessed with some great huting land.  I grew up in Fillmore County and can tell you the deer hunting in southeast Minnesota is excellent.

So why doesn't southern Minnesota get a person appointed to at least one of these committees.  Both are dominated by the metropolitan area.  I realize there are more people there but please recognize the importance of our region.

Here is a listing of members to the Wildlife Oversight Committee:

  • Tamara Barum, Farmington
  • Denise Bornhausen, Minneapolis
  • Eric Johnson, International Falls
  • Dorelle Landsteiner, Minneapolis
  • Brian Smith, Brooklyn Center
  • Mai Pa Xiong, Brooklyn Park

Here is a listing of members appointed to the Fisheries Oversight Committee:

  • Karl Anderson, Greenbush
  • Christopher Crutchfield, St. Paul
  • Jared Cuevas, Minneapolis
  • Felix Martinez-Paz, St. Paul
  • Craig Pagel, Duluth
  • Jess Paulson, Zimmerman
  • Danny Vue, Buffalo

In addition the DNR news release states Nikki Bentley of Shoreview was appointed to chair the Budgetary Oversight Committee during 2021.

The news release actually says, "Factors in choosing the new appointees included geographic distribution."

Seriously?  Where is the distribution?


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