One of the few positives from the COVID-19 pandemic is maybe the University of Minnesota putting so many educational programs available online as webinars. many times I would find out about a program and I thought that was one I would find very beneficial. Then I check and realize I have a conflict and will have to miss it. With technology today all you have to do is pull it up online and you can watch whenever you have time!

The program on Summer Row Crop Management is a classic example. It was a series on Tar spot, Soybean Aphid IPM, Corn Rootworm management, and the Soybean gall midge. Each 30 minute webinar includes about 15 to 20 minute presentation followed by a question and period. While these online webinars are very convenient, educational and timely I still miss the social interaction of being around other farmers.

It's always enjoyable to talk with other farmers and others involved in agricultural production. You can access the Row Crop Summer Management Summer webinars go to the Essential Row Crop Management webpage:

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