Late last week I was taking the "back roads" out to the farm to avoid the one lane traffic on Interstate 35 just south of Owatonna. I noticed this nice looking soybean test plot put in by a local Pioneer Sales Representative. During the growing season you can notice differences in soybean varieties growing next to each other. Sometimes you can see a little different green color between varieties, or one might be a little taller and another shorter and bushy.

When fall approaches you can really see the differences in soybean varieties and their maturity. The full season soybean varieties are still all green while the earlier varieties have yellow leaves and the very early varieties are already dropping leaves. Most farmers plant a range of maturities so all your soybean varieties are not ready for harvest at the same time. If soybeans get too dry harvest losses increase as pods crack open and fall to the ground when the sickle on the combine cuts them off.

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