With the Coronavirus keeping everyone indoors, many people text and email me while I'm on the radio to talk, which I like. Many offer ideas that help them cope.

There are a lot of websites and videos that offer help and there are many good ways they do help, but the more I talked to people the more they offered some old school ideas that have been working for them to help with anxiety and depression or just getting through the day when your kids or pets are getting out of hand.

Journal-Put down your phone, stop watching tik too and go back to the basics. Journaling is good because one woman I talked to said she likes to go back and read what happened on that day. It's kind of like reading a story about yourself or relive something on a day in your life. URMC.rochester says it's a great way to see re-occurring themes and what might be causing the problem if you look back or if you visit a therapist.

Board Games-It's fun to play video games but there is no interaction with humans. Bead game says board games provide a way to think differently and to interact with someone, develop strategies. It also helps your memory. It opens up a time to play and laugh.

Pets-Low blood pressure, better mental and physical health, according to sharecare says the companionship helps with depression, anxiety, and loneliness. It also helps you to exercise by taking them for walks. They also claim it helps your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and triglyceride levels. (Whatever that is).

Vinyl/Music-This is where the age of the person talking to me made a difference. Older people said playing vinyl brought them back to being younger. Music seemed to be the universal message. Music relaxed them, calmed them, inspired them, helped with their workout, and also brought them back to a different time.

Do you have any life hacks? These are great ideas and I felt I had to share them.

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