ST. CLOUD -- The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging to our mental and emotional well-being.

While some of us have been able to adjust to a new sense of normal, others are still navigating through uncharted territory.

Michelle Lee is an Exercise Physiologist with CentraCare. She says a good way to find your equilibrium is to get back into a routine that includes regular sleep, eating and some sort of activity.

Sometimes we find we are barely moving throughout our day. Consistent physical activity can lower that stress level, improve our mood and strengthen our immune system as well.

While things have reopened and life becomes more routine there is concern history may repeat itself this winter. Lee says we can learn from some of the challenges we faced at the start of the pandemic.

Write some things down that were challenging for you and look at possible strategies that would have been helpful last spring and will help assist you in the moment if they arrive again this year.

Lee says to not get down on yourself if things don't come as easy as they did before.

She adds to also not be afraid to talk to a friend, family member or doctor about how you're feeling.

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