Northfield Hospital and Clinic staff got a special thank you recently for their hard work during the pandemic.  The Lions Fire Pizza Truck visited the main campus to deliver a pizza lunch.

It was a one-time-only gathering under current COVID-19 precautions.  The Lions Fire Pizza Truck has extensive COVID-19 precautions just like Northfield Hospital and Clinics.  Staff followed all precautions including distance from each other while visiting the truck and enjoying pizza.

The Northfield Hospital and Clinics Communications Department says other groups of individuals across the communities they serve have safely supported their staff with social media comments, photos, videos and cards.  "We welcome these messages of support anytime!"

The Lions Fire Pizza Truck has a special connection with the Northfield Hospital and Clinics through Lions Ink, a non-profit organization created by Dr. Chris Nielsen and his wife Kathy in 2016 to provide safe, affordable housing in north Minneapolis.

Lions Fire Pizza Truck is run by Lions Ink.

Dr. Jose Fulco introduced Lions Ink to Northwestern Mutual, which wanted to show it's appreciation to healthcare workers across the region who have done so much during the pandemic.

Lions Fire Pizza Truck served pizza at Northfield Hospital and Clinics courtesy of Northwestern Mutual.

Lions Fire Pizza Truck Crew. Photo provided by Northfield Hospital
Lions Fire Pizza Truck Crew. Photo provided by Northfield Hospital


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