There have been a few beans harvested that were planted early that have been harvested and I have been hearing of very good yields! One week ago today I harvested a few acres of short season beans. They were a group 1.4 planted in early May. I planted them so I could get started and get the "kinks" taken care of before the rest of the beans were ready to harvest. You can think the combine is ready but until you actually get in the field you never know for sure!

It sure was nice with the much above temperatures we saw last week. Now the temperatures will be much below normal and that will slow down the progress. But, with clear skies starting Tuesday maybe they the beans will still move along. On a positive note, I have been hearing that the early bean yields have been very strong. There have been a few farmers harvesting some corn as they wait for the beans to dry down. The corn moisture levels have been pretty high yet except for the early hybrids which were around 25 percent.

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