The North Shore Scenic Railroad took to social media to remind people that taking photos on railroad tracks is dangerous and against the law.

The photos of a photographer, an assistant and the model were posted to Facebook after they were asked to leave, or the cops would be called, the photographer reportedly responded by saying, "I do this all the time I can take pictures here. Go ahead and call the cops!"

Shortly after, the photographer decided to move after she realized that the cops were actually being called and climbed up a steep rocky hill to get back to the sidewalk. The climb down and back looks dangerous enough, not to mention the danger of being on active railroad tracks.

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Railroad tracks are on private property, so by going on them and taking photos, you are trespassing and can be charged with a crime. But, more importantly, it's dangerous, every year you read about people getting killed on railroad tracks while taking photos.

You may think to yourself, "but you can hear a train coming from a mile away." That is not necessarily true, Denise Gauthier, manager of Field Safety Support at BNSF says, "Trains are quieter nowadays and the photographer won’t know when the trains will come, and they can come from either direction at any time. Trains are heavy, they can’t swerve, and they can take a mile or more to come to a stop."

If you're looking for an alternative, safer location, Roxanne Abler of Roxanne Elise Photography in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin says, "I always look for a better alternative, such as a nature trail or grungy downtown building."

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