A dejected Andrew Wagner phoned this morning to report the organizers of the North Morristown 4th of July celebration have decided there will be no event this year.

Wagner will be stopping by our KDHL Studio to talk about an idea to raise funds for the church school which receives funds raised during the yearly event.  The program will be Monday, June 8th at 9:30 a.m.

The North Morristown celebration organizers are talking about possibly having a GoFundMe page set up to assist the school.  We will get details on June 8th.

For example the GoFundMe for George Floyd's family has raised more than $6.5 million dollars over the last four days.

GoFundMe pages are set up all across Minnesota for various causes.

The GoFundMe websites says you can get set up with a fundraiser in 30 seconds.

Tomorrow Rice County Fair Executive Secretary John Dvorak will be the guest on our KDHL AM Minnesota program to talk about the board's decision last week to not have a 2020 fair.

The Cannon Valley Fair in Cannon Falls announced last week their annual event held in conjunction with the 4th of July was cancelled.

The Steele County Free Fair announced last week there would be no 2020 fair in Owatonna.

The Goodhue County Fair Board is meeting this Wednesday to discuss what to do when their fair is scheduled to happen in August.

The North Morristown 4th of July Celebration claims to be the oldest celebration for the 4th in Minnesota.

It all started in 1892 and has grown considerably over the years.  A community parade is one of the highlights and a tremendous lineup of free entertainment takes a small stage on the grounds.

People enjoy the homemade pies, freshly made french fries, hamburgers, tacos in a bag, lemonade and more.

I suggested a pie to go event on the grounds for the 4th with social distancing implemented but the board evidently didn't want to deal with any hassles that might produce.  I can't blame them.

So another fun summer event in our area bites the dust.


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