Talk about having a caring group of neighbors! After one North Dakota Farmer suffered a heart attack during his harvest, a little over 60 neighboring farmers stepped up to help finish what he had started.

I talked to a couple of farmers, got their equipment, and then other people just started calling and we had equipment offered from all over the place in the county, and their workers to go with it.- Jenna Binde, family friend.

According to KFYR-TV, Lane Unhjem was in the middle of his harvest when he suffered a heart attack after his combine caught fire. After word  got out about what had happened to Unhjem, neighboring farmers put their own harvest on hold to finish the 1,000 acres of land that Unhjem had started. 11 combines, 6 grain carts, and 15 semis were all brought to the Crosby, ND, farm and went to work on the land!

Everybody knows the Unhjems, and they’re good people and good in the community, and just kind of the farming way of life too. You help your neighbor out when they need it, and don’t expect anything in return.

If Unhjem's crops went unharvested, it would have been a major financial impact for the family and those farmers who helped out knew how much it meant to the family. In the coordinated effort took a total of 7 hours to complete the 1,000 acres of farm land!

According to the latest report, Unhjem is in stable condition and is on the road to recovery!

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