Remember the uproar over the news that Minnesotans might not be able to board airplanes or enter federal facilities with just their state-issued driver's license? Well, you can rest easy because lawmakers have passed a bill to bring the state into compliance with the federal Real ID Act.

Gov. Mark Dayton has said he will sign the bill.

You don't need to stand in line at the DMV tomorrow for your new license. In fact, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the Department of Public Safety has until Oct. 1, 2018, to start issuing the updated IDs. And you won't have to get one of the new licenses. But if you don't have one and want to get on an airplane or enter a federal facility, you'll need an alternative form of identification such as a passport.

Once the state begins offering the new IDs, you don't have to wait until your current license expires. For a small fee, between $2 and $6 depending on when your license expires, you can upgrade to the Real ID-compliant version, according to the Pioneer Press.

So procrastinators rejoice! Putting off getting that passport may not have been such a bad idea after all, if you're keeping your travel within the U.S.

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