About a week ago I posted a story about a new coffee, which was the result of a collaborative effort between Jack Daniel's and World of Coffee. I suggested that coffee drinkers give it a try if their usual cup of joe just wasn't doing it for them in the morning anymore. That's all well and fine but what do you put this new concoction in so you can drink it on your way to work? Oh sure, you can use that cheap travel mug you picked up at the local discount store… or you could try the cutting edge Lexo Tumbler.

The Lexo Tumbler not only has a sleek modern look to it but it will reduce the temperature of any hot liquid to a comfortable drinking level in several minutes. Invented by Professor Hongbin "Bill" Ma at the University of Missouri, this mug has a unique bio-based material that not only brings the liquid's temperature down to an acceptable level, it holds it there for hours and keeps cold liquids cold as well. Available from ThermAvant Technologies, at Lexolife.com, this tumbler holds 10 ounces of liquid and sells for $37.95.

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