This is clearly a hot topic, and one national company is taking the first stand.

Ever since the heartbreaking tragedy at Parkland (in Florida), guns (specifically assault rifles) and mental health have become a highly discussed and debated topic. I dare to say that they've been seriously discussed since Sandy Hook in 2012.

Today, Dick's Sporting Goods has announced that effective immediately all of their locations will no longer sell assault rifles.

In my view, it's about time we started to see some action. No one wants another school shooting. I can't help but ask, however, is this the right solution?

I think it's a step in the right direction, but perhaps we're missing a key factor in the rise of these horrible events. Those who commit these crimes clearly are doing so from a place of despair, desperation, and anxiety. Why not start asking what is making these shooters act out? What's going on in their mind? What's going on in their life? Are they upset with the environment around them? My hope is that if we seek and proceed with compassion when combating this problem, that we'll find concise and effective solutions.

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