Because of the partial Federal Government shutdown the USDA has not released any export sales data until this morning. The Export Loadings or Inspections are released each Monday morning because they are required by law. So, we have not seen the weekly export sales report since just before Christmas. I read yesterday that this morning we would get the latest weekly sales report and the first one that was missed when the shutdown began. Next Thursday we would get the normal weekly sales and the second one that was missed after the shutdown began.

Well, this morning we did not get the export sales for last week plus the first one missed in December. The USDA just released the first one that was missed in December. The totals for corn, soybeans, wheat and soybean meal were far above expectations! Did the USDA not release the other weeks because there was not enough time since the Federal Government got up and running to add up all the weeks? Were the exports, especially for soybeans so large as Gordy mentioned on the air this morning that the USDA did not want to "shock" the market with very bullish news?

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