The Governor may have been skunked from the walleye on the opening weekend of the fishing opener, but Southern Minnesota got a big win for next season.

Albert Lea will be playng host on Foutain Lake in 2019, when the walleye fishing season opens May 9-12. It will be the first time the opener will be hosted in Albert Lea.

The only strange part is that we do not know who the Governor will be despite knowing what lake the next Governor will be casting their first reel into.

This year, it was estimated about 500,000 people were going to participate in the fishing opener this season across the state.

I for one have never been huge into fishing opening weekend, as I have seemed to never have the time to the actually get a boat out and into the water. It would be pretty cool to check out the Governor's Opener as there is always extra events going on.

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