Last summer at Farmfest a Congressional hearing was held on the next Farm Bill. Congress was already working on the next Farm Bill with the plan of having it done on time. Remember this is the last year of the current Farm Bill, it expires the end of September. The U.S. Senate is scheduled to take up their version of the Farm Bill in June. You likely heard that the U.S. House Farm Bill did not pass when it was voted on last week.

The Republicans who are in the majority could not get all their members to vote for the Farm Bill. In addition every Democrats voted against it. From what I heard a few Republicans want some type of a work requirement in the nutrition part of the bill. All Democrats are opposed to that provision. Plus a few Republicans want boarder security and some type of immigration reform tied into the Farm Bill.

With the political divide so wide in Washington you have to wonder if they can even get a Farm Bill done, let alone before the current bill expires? Many political observers think the current Farm Bill might get extended for one more year. Remember  that occurred with the current Farm Bill.


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