Are you buying this? A new survey says the best drivers in the country are cruising the highways right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

That's the word from the latest Car Insurance Comparison that looked at drivers' behavior across all 50 states (and the District of Columbia too) to find the nation's Worst Drivers. And sure enough, Minnesota is ranked dead last-- which also means, if you think about it another way, that we have the best drivers in the country.

Now, after first reading that headline, I've gotta say, I was totally skeptical. I mean, if you've ever gotten stuck behind someone who won't accelerate up to highway speed when merging onto Highway-52 (which just happened to me yesterday), or a driver who camps out in the left lane of Highway-14 and clogs up traffic by not moving over, or merely another Minnesota driver who doesn't want to be move at a 4-way stop, it CANNOT be true that the best drivers in the country live here, right?

But, if you look at the specific categories this latest survey compared, maybe we aren't such bad drivers here in Minnesota after all. (I mean, YOU and I are great drivers, and we're here in Minnesota, right?😉)

The survey looked specifically what it called the 'biggest mistakes' bad drivers make, including: careless driving, drunk driving, ignoring traffic laws, speeding, and death rate. And sure enough, we're ranked last in all those categories. (Note that none of my pet peeves about Minnesota drivers are in those categories, however.)

So if Minnesota has the Best Drivers, which state has the Worst? Well, that'd be... New Mexico. I'd have guessed Illinois, but that must be the Wisconsin native in me coming out. (Wisconsinites HATE Illinois drivers!) Wisconsin is ranked 24th, while Illinois is 12 better, coming in at number 36 (so maybe I should just shut up.) Iowa, meanwhile, is just two shy of Minnesota, at number 49.

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