Anne Pleskanko runs a new Neighbors Helping Neighbors program for southern Rice County.  She is housed in the Buckham West facility in Faribault.

Pleskanko joined Buckham West Executive Director Mona Kaiser on our KDHL AM Minnesota program today.

Pleskanko used to work as Faribault Senior Center Executive Director about 20 years ago before taking her skills to Owatonna for a similar position.

Her current office is the same one she worked in a couple decades ago.

Recently she worked at Milestone Assisted Living before this new job doing what she still loves, working with seniors.

Pleskonko pairs seniors in need of services like shoveling, cleaning, etc. with volunteers which are always needed.

Pleskonko emphasized they need many more volunteers for the program.

Kaiser stated the numbers have been good at Buckham West despite the current pandemic.  Currently masks are not mandated at the Faribault facility.

Kaiser pointed out in-person dining numbers have dwindled since COVID but curbside has blossomed...

You can listen to a podcast of the show below on your time schedule.

This is amazing.

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