The Minnesota Department of Agriculture announced new restrictions for the use of the herbicide Dicamba. In addition the Federal EPA label has also changed. Dicambia is now a restricted use pesticide. That means to purchase or apply Dicamba you need a private pesticide applicator license. Dicamba is very effective controlling tough weeds like giant ragweed and waterhemp in soybeans. There was a lot of concern that this tool in the tool box would be taken off the market for use in Minnesota.

The new Minnesota Department of Agriculture restrictions on the use of Dicamba are very specific but workable. In addition to all the restrictions on the Federal Label there are two more important ones for use in Minnesota. The first is a date cutoff. Dicamba cannot be applied in Minnesota after June 20th in the growing season. There also is a temperature restriction. Dicamba can not be applied in Minnesota when the temperature is above 85 degrees.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture worked with and sought input from peer reviewed literature, the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association Drift Task Force, University of Minnesota Extension weed scientists, and pesticide manufacturers to develop these restrictions to prevent the off target movement of Dicamba.

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