I suffered from a form of eczema when I was a child. But mine turned out to be food allergy related and as long as I did not eat what was causing it it went away.

But there is apparently good news for those chronic sufferers out there. According to KSTP and the Associated Press, the Food and Drug Administration has approved Dupixent for moderate or severe eczema, which causes red, itchy rashes.

There were two large tests conducted. And in those tests one-third to two-thirds of patients achieved clear or nearly clear skin. About 4 in 10 had itching decrease dramatically, bringing better sleep and reducing anxiety and depression.

But there is a downside to this treatment. According to Sanofi SA, based in Paris, and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals of Tarrytown, N.Y., which developed the drug, the price for a year's supply will be $37,000 initially.

Typically for a mild case of eczema, topical medications, steroid creams, moisturizers and ultraviolet light have usually had good results, but those treatments do not work on the severe cases.


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