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The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) confirmed for the first time the emerald ash borer had moved to Le Sueur County, due to negligence. Well, the MDA did not use the word negligence I did. On it's own the emerald ash borer can only move a short distance. But, people moving firewood from an infected ash tree or branches and it's spread is almost unlimited! It looks like people are pretty successful moving the emerald ash borer around Minnesota as Le Sueur is now the 31st county in Minnesota where it has been found!

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It seems so simple, save the ash trees by not moving ash firewood from an infected tree. Better yet don't move any ash firewood ever! Of course the MDA has imposed an emergency quarantine on moving any ash material out of Le Sueur County. I guess I take this a bit personal. I can remember so may streets in many communities that had huge elm trees that got wiped out by Dutch Elm Disease. After a few decades many of those streets now have big ash trees growing just waiting to be wiped out by the emerald ash borer?

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Plus, it was about 35 years ago that Dad and I planted a new windbreak at the farm. Yes, there are a couple rows of big ash trees. Plus we took up old line fences and planted a wind break at the edge of the farm with ash trees too. It would be a shame to see all those trees die. It would be a lot of work to remove all those trees. In addition I will not live long enough to see another tree grow in their place!

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