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St Paul (KROC AM News) - The state Department of Health has launched an app that allows Minnesotans to immediately access their immunization records.

Officials say the app is in response to a dramatic increase in demand from Minnesotans "for easier access to their own vaccination information.”


The increase is apparently being driven by demands for proof of Covid vaccinations. So far this year, MDH has received over 33,000 requests for immunization records through our online form. More than 19,000 of those requests came after July 1. For comparison, MDH received approximately 12,000 requests in 2020 and 13,000 requests in 2019.

Kim David/TSM
Kim David/TSM


The app for smartphones and other mobile devices is called Docket.  It's free and available for download in Apple and Android app stores.

Minnesota Dept of Health
Minnesota Dept of Health

MDH says MIIC, Minnesota’s immunization information system, combines all immunizations a person has received into a single record, even if they were given by different health care providers in the state. The app also provides a PDF document of the immunization record that can be saved to a mobile device, printed, emailed, or texted as needed.

“We recognize the importance of having a secure and convenient way to find, view, and share your and your family’s immunization records, such as needing records for school or child care,” said Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Infectious Disease Division Director Kris Ehresmann. “The Docket app gives Minnesotans a digital option to access their immunization history in MIIC, check what vaccines you or your children may be due for, and see what vaccines you may need in the future. This is vital to making sure people are protected from preventable diseases.”

Anyone who wants or needs access to their immunization record and does not have a smartphone or does not want to use the app can still request their immunization record from MDH or their health care provider. For more information, visit Find My Immunization Record.

The app may sound like a good idea to many but some Minnesota lawmakers are raising questions about its introduction. Minnesota News Network is reporting Republicans in the state Senate - already thinking about ousting state Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm - are reportedly upset. Stillwater Republican Senator Karin Housley says many people oppose vaccine passports. She is also upset the app was released before the legislature even knew about it.

News update:  Man killed by semi-truck in central Minnesota.

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