I enjoy eating cookies as much as anyone! But this is a picture of a cookie I have not and likely will not eat. I was given the cookie by one of the exhibitors at the MN Ag Expo last week in Mankato. A nice lady by the name of Maureen Gustafson from the booth of the law firm Gislason & Hunter gave me the John Deere cookie. It will remain on display in the office along with many other "souvenirs" I have collected over the years.

I recognized the name Gustafson as I know Jay and Amy Gustafson from Faribault. In addition, our son Stephen played football and ran track with their boys, Matt and Anthony. As it turned out Jay is Maureen's brother, she was from Faribault and graduated from Bethlehem Academy. Maureen is the director of marketing for Gislason & Hunter. Gislason & Hunter practice in the areas of agriculture, agribusiness and estate planning. That is why they were at the MN Ag Expo. This is another example I found myself saying it's a small world.

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