Spring does not officially start for a few more days, with the official chance of seasons not until the 20th of March, but temps are starting to heat up.In fact, we were about 12 degrees higher then average today! I’ll take it!

This has been a long and cold winter. I guess it’s Minnesota and that is part of the deal when you choose to live here, but there are times when the cold weather and shortened daylight hours get a person down. So, the last couple days have really been a treat! The weather is warm enough to get buy without a parka, it’s unlikely (but not impossible) that we’ll see much more snow this season, and best of all- it is still light out when I get off work! That hasn’t happened in months and it is great! There is just something about a couple nice spring days with sunny skies that instantly improves everything. And good news, the weather looks like it’s going to be nice over the weekend too! So get out there and enjoy the sun!


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