The clock is counting down to 6PM Sunday when Macy's, formerly Dayton's, downtown Minneapolis closes its doors for good.

According to the Star Tribune, the sale to sell off the final merchandise as well as fixtures and figures from a long history of eighth floor auditorium displays got going in January soon after it was announced that the store would be closed along with 67 other locations nationwide. Only three floors of items are left - ground floor, skyway level and fourth floor.

According to the Star Tribune, there is not much left. But what is left is 70 percent off or more. There were some holiday clothing items at 90 percent off. And on the fourth floor you can still find find various figures from past holiday shows. How about your own figure of Gandolf the Great?

The store is in area that was part of a number of department stores within walking distance of each other downtown. I had some relatives and friends who one time or another worked in that building. It's sad to see it go.


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