Rice County Towards Zero Deaths announced there will be increased patrols looking for impaired drivers this St. Patrick's Day holiday weekend.

It’s the second-leading holiday for DWI arrests per hour, only behind Labor Day.

And because this year St. Patrick's Day lands on Friday, the amount of arrests goes up.

According to the Faribault Daily News report in 2012, when the holiday fell on Saturday, there were 346 arrests. In 2014 when it landed on a Monday, there were only 105.

Over a four-year period from 2011-15, 462 people lost their lives in alcohol-related crashes. That was one-fourth of all the traffic deaths for the state. In Minnesota, 27,000 people are arrested for DWI and one in seven people have a DWI on their driving record.

Have a fun St. Patrick's Day. But plan ahead and get a safe and sober ride home. Or you could be getting a ride to a different place in a car that looks like this on top.


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