Every year at Thanksgiving we think of family gatherings and food. Of course the food centers around turkey. Minnesota is number one in turkey production nationwide by a wide margin. Minnesota produces 46 million turkeys a year. North Carolina and Arkansas are second and third at about 29 million. Two of those Minnesota raised turkeys, Drumstick and Wishbone are famous. They received a Presidential Pardon Tuesday afternoon.

The tradition is that the Chairman of the National Turkey Federation brings 2 turkeys that were raised on their farm to the White House for the Pardon Ceremony. The Chairmen this year is Carl Wittenburg from Alexandra, Minnesota. Carl, wife Sharlene and son had the privilege of bringing 2 turkeys to the White House. Drumstick and Wishbone were hatched in June and were very well behaved at the White House.

The Wittenburgs recruited five 4-H members from Douglas County to work with Drumstick and Wishbone to get them used to people, music, lights, noise and all kinds of activity. They did a great job because I watched the ceremony. The turkeys seemed very calm and relaxed! It was great that the Wittenbergs thought of working with 4-H members and brought them along to the White House.

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