Every day I get an email letting me know all of the designated National Days that are being observed for that give day. Many of them strike me as silly unless one pertains to my world of agriculture. For example today is National Black Friday, National Flossing Day, National Sardine Day and National Buy Nothing Day. Being I am at the studio today, I will be observing National Buy Nothing Day! Given that I do not enjoy shopping (and spending money) I am happy not being at the malls and other retail stores today!

I did notice that today is also National Maize or Corn Day. Unlike many of the other foods that we eat today corn was common all across the Americas when this country was settled. In fact corn was a main food source in many countries. Back then maize or colored corn was often called Indian Corn. Many of the kernels were dark red. Today there are many different types of corn, sweet corn, popcorn, flour corn and the corn we know best, number 2 yellow dent.

Number 2 yellow dent corn is used for corn oil, to make ethanol and for livestock feed. Without number 2 yellow dent corn you would likely not have had turkey for Thanksgiving yesterday. You would not have pork, beef and chicken either. So happy National Maize or Corn Day.

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