It was in 1991 the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council established National Hot Dog Day. It was set on a Wednesday in July so it would coincide with a hot dog lunch that was held on Capitol Hill. There are many names for what I simply refer to as a hot dog, frankfurter, footlong, wienie, wiener, wienerwurst, little smokies and many others. Maybe that is why hot dogs are so popular, there are many different types?

There are many different companies that make hot dogs in the United States, each with their own recipes and seasonings. Most the meat used is beef or pork. However, you can also purchase hot dogs with turkey and chicken. Maybe another reason hot dogs are so popular is that there are many ways to prepare them. Plus they fit into our fast paced active lives as you can prepare them quickly and eat on the run. My favorite is grilled well done on a bun with mustard and maybe a little sour kraut.


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