On Tuesday the National FFA Organization announced the National FFA Convention will remain in Indianapolis through 2031. The National FFA Convention was held in Kansas City from 1928 through 1998. Then Louisville hosted the convention from 1999 through 2005. Then the convention rotated back and forth between Indianapolis and Louisville. The last couple years the National FFA Convention was in Indianapolis and now will remain in Indianapolis through 2031.

I will admit I was not pleased when the National FFA Convention left Kansas City. It was a tradition and I guess as you get older you like things to stay the same. Apparently the National FFA Convention outgrew Kansas City. This last October more than 67,000 FFA members and guests attended the National FFA Convention. This is one of the largest conventions held in the United States each year. It reached a point in Kansas City where there were not enough hotel rooms within reasonable driving distance of the convention center.

Since 1999 when the National FFA Convention moved back and forth between Louisville and Indianapolis I suspected it would eventually end up for a long period of time in Indianapolis. The National FFA headquarters is in Indianapolis. I do like the idea of the convention staying in Indianapolis. There is a nice airport close by, it is easy to get around as traffic even in rush our is not bad. Plus we take a cab from the airport to a downtown hotel and we can walk a few blocks to all the events.

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