Farmers always look forward to spring. It is like you get to start over again every year. There is anticipation that maybe Mother Nature will smile on our area and cooperate with "normal" weather. You take what you learned from last year and try and do better even though every year is different. Looking at the weather data from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca spring is on the way!

The first good sign is there is no snow on the fields. Plus, the frost depth is decreasing. On March 2, 2020 there was 13 inches of frost while on March 9, 2020 there was 8 inches. That was the last frost depth reading that was taken. With the rain last week it may have taken most of the remaining frost out of the ground. Soil temperatures at the 2 inch depth averaged 35 degrees last week.There is another reason I am really looking forward to spring.

I have heard and read that most coronavirus do no survive and spread well in warm weather and sunshine. Warm temperatures and ultraviolet light can greatly decrease the virus from being able to spread to other people. Hopefully that is true for the COVID-19 virus too and life can get back to normal!

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