The Broadway musical "Girl From the North Country" that features music from Minnesota native Bob Dylan is getting a movie adaptation. The announcement was shared via Varietythat not only was it being turned into a movie, but that some pretty big names are going to be starring in it.

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The lead characters from the musical Nick Laine, his wife Elizabeth and their adopted daughter Marianne will be played by Woody Harrelson, Olivia Colman and Chlöe Bailey. Playwright of the musical, Conor McPherson, will expand his skills to writing and directing the film adaptation.

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Image Credit:
1 - Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
2 - Joe Maher/Getty Images
3 - Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

If you had not actually heard of "Girl From the North Country", you aren't alone there either. I had to do a little research on it to learn more and discovered that not only does it have Bob Dylan's music, but it is set in Duluth, MN. Variety explains that it's,

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Based in 1934 in Duluth, Minn., during the Great Depression, "Girl From the North Country" centers on a group of wayward travelers as their lives intersect in a guesthouse. Things are spiraling out of control for proprietor Nick Laine (Harrelson), whose wife Elizabeth (Colman) is suffering from dementia. All the while, the bank is foreclosing on their home and their adopted daughter Marianne (Bailey) has a closely guarded secret that no one can explain. But when an escaped convict Joe Scott (Tosin Cole) seeks shelter at the guesthouse, a relationship develops between Marianne and Joe that will change everything for everyone forever.

There's a lot going on and after reading that I'm pretty intrigued to see what the secret is, because who doesn't love having a mystery solved? Besides the fact that it has Bob Dylan music and it's set in Minnesota, another reason to go see it. Bob Dylan gives it his thumbs-up, saying how happy his work is being used by McPherson, as shared on Variety, "My songs couldn't be in better hands. The play had me crying at the end. I can't even say why. When the curtain came down, I was stunned. I really was."

At this time no word on when the movie will begin filming or if they will actually be filming in Minnesota or not. But I'll keep on top of it and keep you updated as I hear or see more. In the meantime, what do you think will you be seeing this movie when it comes out? Share your thoughts in our app.

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