Since the beginning of ethanol fuel from corn, Minnesota has been a leader in the United States in the development of the ethanol fuel industry. When I go to national meetings other Farm Broadcasters and Farm Leaders often comment on how Minnesota has let the way Nation wide in renewable fuels. Other states refer to it as the "Minnesota Model" and tried to implement it in their state. In 2018 Minnesota continued to set the example for other states!

Recently Minnesota Department of Agriculture Andrea Vaubel spoke at an event celebrating Minnesota surpassing 300 88 Octane (E15) and 400 E85 refueling stations. In 2018 more than 59 million gallons of 88 Octane (E15) were sold to Minnesota motorists. That is triple the sales in 2017! Sales of E85 reached 16.4 million gallons compared to 14.8 million in 2017.

The dramatic increase in Minnesota motorists using more ethanol is directly related to more service stations offering the lower priced high-octane ethanol fuel. Through the Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership, the U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded more than $8 million for ethanol infrastructure development. In addition a coalition including the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, American Lung Association, Ethanol Producers, Prime the pump, and the Minnesota Corn Growers Association brought the total investment to $14 million.

So, if you would if you are traveling and would like to know where there are service stations offering higher blends of ethanol go to the web site Plus, even though it is winter, before very long Minnesota corn farmers will be planting another corn crop that will turn into more ethanol!


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