The Minnesota Department of Transportation started the week by sharing a clever message from their partners at Minnesota Towards Zero Deaths.

While providing a chuckle to Minnesota motorists it also stressed to everyone to avoid speeding and the dangers that can go along with it.

Minnesota Towards Zero Deaths began in our area in 2010 with a clearly stated mission:

To create a culture for which traffic fatalities and serious injuries are no longer acceptable through the integrated application of education, engineering, enforcement and emergency medical and trauma services. These efforts will be driven by data, best practices and research.

Organizers have identified the leading cause of deaths and severe injuries in Northeastern Minnesota to include drinking and driving, distracted driving, speeding and lack of seat belt use.

Related to the above, they say the leading type of crash resulting in deaths and severe injuries include vehicles running off the road and incidents that are intersection related.

The Northeast Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths program works year round to educate and inform drivers.  The program is led by a steering committee comprised of the “4 Es:”

  • Enforcement
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Emergency Medical and Trauma Services

If you'd like to learn more, they will be holding a virtual workshop on Wednesday, May 26 beginning at 9:00 a.m. The workshop will focus on the structure and design of the next chapter of Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths program.

The event is a joint workshop for the Northeast and Northwest regions and it promises to feature "lively engagement and interactive virtual activities to help us think through how TZD might look in the future." You can register for the virtual workshop by following the button above.

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