Last year, Plowy McPlowFace crushed the voting, collecting over 65,000 votes. This year, it was Betty Whiteout who took home the most votes, collecting over 40,000.

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The Minnesota Departments of Transportation said that after a total of 60,000 votes and 22,000 name ideas, there are eight new names to assign.

Minnesota Department of Transportation (Instagram)
Minnesota Department of Transportation (Instagram)

The 8 New Names For MnDOT Snowplows

Betty Whiteout was the number one vote-getter, collecting over 40,000 votes. That was nearly double of the second-place name, Ctrl Salt Delete. Other names in the top 8 include The Big Leplowski, Plowasurus Rex, Scoop Dogg, Blizzard of Oz, No More Mr. Ice. Guy, and Edward Blizzardhands.

Edward Blizzardhands is making its way to southeast Minnesota, joining Snowbi Wan Kenobi, who was the District 6 representative from a year ago.

You can see the full list of the 50 finalists and the Top 8 vote-getters from this year's Name a Snowplow Contest here.

Here is a full breakdown of which plows will be going to which district:

• Edward Blizzardhands – District 6 (I-35 route, Faribault Truck Station)
• Betty Whiteout – District 8
• Ctrl Salt Delete – District 7
• The Big Leplowski – District 4
• Plowasaurus Rex – Metro District
• Scoop Dogg – District 3
• Blizzard of Oz – District 2
• No More Mr. Ice Guy – District 1

MnDOT invited people to submit creative ideas for snowplow names in December 2021. After receiving more than 22,000 name ideas, staff narrowed down the list and selected 50 finalists for the public to vote on.

These 50 names were determined by considering several factors, including how creative or unique the name was, whether it would be understandable or identifiable to broad audiences, and the frequency of submissions.

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