Could a somewhat non-descript building in Central Minnesota be the state's most haunted? The Thayer Hotel, formerly a bed a breakfast, was built in 1895 as a hotel for the Soo Line Railroad and operated as one through 2011 until the building was left abandoned until the current owners purchased the building and started to rehabilitate it. But is it really haunted?

According to "Thayer’s Historic Bed and Breakfast was built in 1895, by Gus and Caroline Thayer, funded by the Soo Line Railroad Company, that needed a building to house both travelers and railroad employees. The third floor was used by railroad workers/boarders, the second floor by travelers, and the first floor had the common rooms typically found in hotels of the era: Gentleman’s Parlor, dining room, kitchen, etc."

The online reports indicate that the paranormal activity is that of a friendly variety, as the former owners, Gus and Caroline Thayer, reported show up to welcome guests and leave pennies behind, there is a spirit of a sea captain, ghost cats, and the spirits of "working" girls that all seem to call the Thayer home.

But don't let that influence your stay, as the hotel is open on the upper floors of the building with the lower level being a restaurant. According to Thayer's website, there are some specific rooms that are more apt for having strange occurrences, one of them is Crystal's Room 305 on the third floor. The website describes the room as having "the most ghostly activity reported. One of the most spooky of these stories involved the glass French doors to the bathroom shutting very slowly while a terrified couple watched paralyzed only feet away sitting in the Jacuzzi. (If you believe these stories of course)."

The next room over, 306, also known as Miss Lilly's Room, also seems to be active according to the website. The staff is said that the room is to be "the most intimidating at dark. This is one of those rooms where you will have to judge that for yourself if this is the room you pick for your stay at Thayer."

So is the Thayer the MOST haunted building in Minnesota, by the sheer number of 'occupants'  it seems to be, but by all accounts, the spirits seem to be more friendly and curious than anything else.

Decide for yourself by staying the night! Here is the website for the hotel, if you dare.

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