On Friday the Minnesota Department of Transportation released a report with recommendations concerning it's mowing and haying permit process. The 2017 Minnesota Legislature required MnDOT to develop the report with input from agricultural, environmental and other interests. MnDOT held nine listening sessions around Minnesota.

"MnDOT is charged with managing and maintaining the road right of way," said MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle. "We worked closely with Minnesotans from across the state to ensure that we fully understood the wishes and needs of others and how those things could be integrated with the state's need to care for the land."

The Legislature outlined specific elements for the recommendations, including:

Ease of permit application or notification

Frequency of permits or notification

Priority given to the owner or occupant of private land adjacent to a state highway right of way

Determination of authority to mow or hay state highway right of way in which adjacent land belongs to state or local government

Recognition of differences in the amount of wildlife habitat based on geographic distribution across the state

A cover letter and the full report including the stakeholder minutes from the listening sessions are available on the MnDOT web site: www.mndot.gov/govrel/reports.html.