Residents of Faribault know all about low bridge decks with the 'can opener' bridge on 7th seemingly finding a new unsuspecting victim monthly. Things are a little different in this case as a MnDOT plow operator lost his truck bed on the Bass Lake Road overpass on Highway 169 last night. It wasn't so much of a low bridge deck as it was a high dump bucket on the plow. 

According to a report by KARE-TV's Boyd Huppert, traffic on Northbound Highway 169 was backed up for miles after the driver lost his upright bucket after merging onto 169 from Bass Lake Road last night.

After the accident, MnDOT sent out workers to inspect the bridge, which was found to be 'structurally safe'.

According to a Tweet from the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities, yesterday's snowstorm was just the cherry on top of an already precipitous year in Minnesota.
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