I gotta say, it has never crossed my mind to make a New Year's resolution for my dog. Heck I don't even make them for myself.

According to a survey by Wild Earth, Minnesotan's make resolutions for their four-legged friends more than pet owners from any other state. I'm not sure it that makes us super-animal-lovers or a little crazy (or both).

44% of U.S. dog owners said they plan on making a New Year's resolution related to improving their pet's health.

Top Dog Resolution Facts for 2020

  • Roughly 41% of U.S. pet parents say their top-dog New Year resolution is to take their pups for more walks.
  • The second most popular resolution is to feed their dog higher-quality treats and food.
  • 65% of U.S. dog owners do not think they walk their dog enough each week.
  • About 20% of U.S. dog owners said they think their dog is at an unhealthy weight.
  • 77% of all pet parents plan on including their dogs in their own fitness-related New Year's resolution activities.

The top five states where dog owners said they want their pets to be healthier in 2020 are:

  1. Massachusetts — 69%
  2. Nebraska — 67%
  3. Washington — 64%
  4. Minnesota — 59%
  5. New Mexico — 57%

Does the dog get a say in any of this? I mean we're just making resolutions for them, and say, 'here you go.' What if things were turned around? What resolutions would your dog make for you?

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