The speeding crackdown from June 18th to July 21, 2019, grabbed a TON of speeders...more than 20,000 across the state!  The actual number is 21,439.

Yipes! I know we almost all speed. And when I do get caught, I'm philosophical about it; "Well, I didn't get caught all those other times." But until today, I never thought much about people killed because of speeders.

I was writing a blog about the most dangerous highway in Minnesota (read it here), and I came across the deaths by speeding and cost by county for those deaths (2013 - 2017). It was staggering.

For instance, during that time in Olmsted County, there were 7 deaths they could say were caused by speeding. 

  • Economic impact of those deaths: $10,410,000
  • Economic impact of all traffic deaths in Olmsted County (52): $77,844,000

I had no idea. Unbelievable.

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